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If you are like many of our clients in the film, television, cinema, or entertainment industry and are seeking a reliably experienced construction company with both flexible scheduling and punctual service times, you needn't look any further than the industry's best - we here at AVG Sets!

By combining an altruistic approach towards realizing our client's vision with an inherent knack for going above and beyond on behalf of our client, and by extension, our work, we've managed to not only consistently accommodate our customers at each and every turn but we've also inadvertently raised the overall standard for construction service as well!


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Movie Set Designs

Boasting decades of experience and a keen eye for otherwise indiscernible details, our movie set design teams are not highly touted and talented but they are also largely regarded as the best of the best in the film & cinema industry! By implementing industry-leading design strategies that are specifically catered to each project, we are able to create T.V./Movie sets and production settings that are truly remarkable and solely unique to the enterprise at hand.

Design Elements We Incorporate

Lighting | Props | Sound | Displays | Signage | Scenery | Faux Finishes

Movie Set Construction

Working in tandem with all parties (planners, coordinators, organizers) involved as well as other contractors on set, we are highly skilled at constructing custom or pre-approved sets to the project's exact specifications both quickly and efficiently. With an emphasis on noticeable quality and a penchant for industry-leading innovation, it's easy to see why so many of the major producers and production companies covet our construction services during their film projects.

Set Features We Cover

Stages | Alcoves | Lighting | Sound | Custom Fabrication | Barriers | Walls | Backdrops


Event Special Services & Coverage

Quite literally be the talk of the town at your next gathering, event, showcasing, or premier when you enlist AVG Sets to design and construct your venue. We are proud to offer accessories, platform systems, stages, barriers, and wall rentals to ensure that your event is absolutely memorable! To best direct the entire event, our designers and installation crews work directly with the event planner and coordinators to ensure that the layout of the even is displayed properly and that all aesthetics and features are precise, accurate, and above all else, noteworthy!

Our Special Event Experience

Music Videos | Red Carpet Events | Step & Repeats | Festivals | Trade Shows | Awards Shows | Entertainment Venues

If you have further questions about additional events and venues we are experienced with orchestrating or would like to schedule an assessment for your project, please feel to reach out to us directly by clicking here at your earliest convenience!



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