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As most directors, actors, extras, set designers, and producers alike will attest to, the ebb and flow of a movie production is something truly remarkable to be a part of, however, with as many moving parts that there is on the average set, the chance for mishaps only increases as time goes on and the production progresses. With that in mind, our company, AVG Sets, has decades of experience of deftly navigating even the most chaotic of movie sets, organizing the set props & aesthetics, and ultimately designing each project to keep discord and disarray to an absolute minimum! Having an experienced crew of professionals on hand to design, maintain, and orchestrate your production set, venue, or cinematic project can often spell the difference between a richly rewarding endeavor and one that would be best if it were soon forgotten.

Set Design
Movie | Cinema | Photoshoot

From the setting of props, incorporating key features, and organizing any sound & lighting displays; our set designs are second-to-none in terms of prompt construction and project-specific conformity.

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Set Construction
Electrical | Props | Aesthetics

"Time is money.." as the saying goes and our talented construction crews here at AVG Sets in Walnut, California have embraced that mantra in order to effect prompt, yet professional, set construction services.

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Event Services
Stages | Barriers | Venues

In order best accommodate our clientele and customer base here locally in California and further abroad nationally, we are proud to offer extended construction services for large-scale events as well as public/private venues.

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Set & Event Coordination

Designs | Construction | Upkeep | Clean Up

Ensuring the progression of your film project, movie feature, or cinematic rendition is something that we take very seriously here at AVG Sets. Considering the safety & well-being of the "talent", (i.e. actors, actresses, stars, or artists) as well as the extras (production crew, wardrobe, make-up, etc.) is absolutely paramount during every production, it's essential to enlist the assistance of a proven, experienced construction outfit that specializes in quality film/movie sets with an emphasis on safety.

From the initial "meet-and-greet" in which we establish what the project entails exactly as well as where our construction expertise is best applied, to the stellar upkeep and maintenance of the set during filming, and concluding when the final reel of tape has wound and production is drawing to a close, you can confidently rely on AVG Sets to embody professionalism and consistency throughout the entirety of the film/movie project!

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